Sculptures That Breathe

On the wall...or free-standing.

Contact me to buy one — or as many as you want.


How Clay Folks Are Made

These one-of-a-kind sculptures are made from cone 10 clay and are fired to cone six or ten for a sturdy, rugged, finish that brings out their personality. 

They are are usually around 12 cubic inches in size, but larger sizes are available. 

Clay Folks evolve as I sculpt to release the character from the clay… ​without much forethought.  

Clay Folks are either wall masks, busts, or full standing, sitting, or other full- figures. 


Let Your Clay Folks Display Your Jewelry

Much of my work includes jewelry as earrings, necklaces, or head-pieces.  But you can add your own heirlooms or jewelry…as a memento to someone past, or a holder for your own prized earrings or bracelets, etc. 

Clay Folks love to be outdoors.

Put one or many in your garden to liven up...

or create a tranquil mood.